10 Signs that Prove your Child have Autism

10. They have difficulty recognizing facial expressions.

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One of the first signs of autism is difficulty recognizing facial expressions, ados 2. A child with autism or another developmental disorder may not respond to a smile or other gesture in the way you’d expect. They may also have trouble making eye contact. This was confirmed by some Australian doctors specializing in neurology and psychology.

They also don’t understand the tone or communicative signals in other people’s voices. A child with autism may not react to the sound of their own name, for example, They do n’t know how to distinguish if the person who’s speaking is doing so in a happy, sad, or irked tone. or they may speak in a flat, monotone voice.

Technology has been so advanced that devices and treatments like omnipod 5, soliqua insulin and port advance are available in the market to monitor and maintain your blood sugar levels.

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