The benefits of exercise in the health of the body

Physical exertion is recommended for its benefits on body and mind by the World Health Organization. But what are the stylish sports for your health? Rather running, swimming, bodybuilding? Answers with Dr Justine Michon, sports croaker .
“ There’s no phenomenon sport, the right sport is the bone that you manage to do regularly ” incontinently announces Dr Justine Michon, sports croaker . Sport is good for your health because it allows you to maintain your body, your heart, your muscles, to fraternize with other people and to surpass yourself.” All sports are good for your health if you have no contraindications, she explains. There are three main orders of sports which each have their benefits and some practices mix several of them. The ideal is to combine different sports to maximize the physical and internal benefits a little cardio, a little weight training and a little balance.”

When is the stylish time to exercise?

It’s occasionally delicate to find time to do physical exertion on a diurnal base. And over all, to know when is the most salutary time to exercise during the day. Morning? At lunch break? Evening? For trimming? To lose weight? entered ideas and advice with Clément Cachard, sports trainer.

Abidance sports for cardio

” These are sports that play on the cardiac capacities, which make the heart work and keep it in shape. We find for illustration walking, handling, cycling, swimming, rowing or indeed collaborative conditioning similar as football or basketball” explains the sports croaker . It’s also enough to acclimatize the intensity of the practice to its physical situation.” A person who suffers from reverse problems, for illustration, should rather exercise out- loading sports, that’s to say where there’s no shock and where the person doesn’t carry all his body weight, similar as swimming or cycling.

The stylish sports to strengthen your heart

Physical exertion would reduce the threat of rush of heart attack by 25 to 30 according to Professor Hervé Douard, cardiologist andVice-President of the French Federation of Cardiology. What are the stylish sports to strengthen your heart? What are the other benefits? Which bone to choose according to his age? Answers.

Strength sports for muscle structure

” This order includes all sports of the muscle structure type trimming, toning.” indicates the sports croaker .” Tennis or boxing, for illustration, can also be considered as strength sports because they strengthen the muscles, but they’re also endurance sports because you have to move around a lot.”

Balance sports for sheathing

“ This order of sport allows us to develop our neuromotor chops, that’s to say balance and collaboration, ” says Dr Justine Michon. What sports are these? We find, for illustration, yoga, which is” particularly intriguing for balance and collaboration, but which also allows you to work the muscles in depth.” Skiing is also a sport of balance, combined with a sport of strength since you have to constantly jacket your body by contracting your abs.

How frequently?

For grown-ups, the Ministry of Health recommends” rehearsing 30 twinkles of physical exertion developing moderate to high intensity cardio- respiratory fitness, at least 5 days a week, avoiding going 2 successive days without rehearsing.”

How numerous hours of sport to practice per week?

The regular practice of a physical exertion or sport from an early age helps to acquire good habits and is excellent for your health. Benefits, recommended sport per week, ideal duration and troubles of inordinate practice.

It being understood that the exertion shouldn’t be limited to sports practice moving around, carrying a cargo, going up or down stairs, being active at home,etc. are physical exertion practices. For children and teenagers from 6 to 17 times old, it’s recommended to exercise at least 60 twinkles a day of physical exertion of moderate to vigorous intensity.

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