Top 10 foods to strengthen memory

Eat fish, it’s good for the brain and it makes it smarter! This recommendation marked your nonage when you refuse to eat the fish prepared by your parents.

Like fish, certain foods have merits for our organism, they maintain our memory, promote attention and awakening, in short, they boost our brain. serve to say that they’re to be consumed without temperance to optimize your performance.
Cuisine Az gives you the 10 foods essential to maintain the youth of your memory and your health capital.

1- dried and oilseed fruits

These are precious abettors to reboos in the event of a blow of soft, these energy concentrates fill up on vitamins, minerals and trace rudiments similar as zinc.

still, you can be subject to difficulties in memorization, attention, If you suffer from scarcities in this area.

So flash back to keep the apricots, grapes, nuts and hazelnuts, easy to crunch for salutary chops.

2-Adipose fish

Your parents were right to force you to eat fish.
This food stimulates memory, especially adipose fish of the salmon type, mackerel rich in omega three, essential for the proper functioning of our neurons.

thus, for a brain in the middle of walking and responsive, it’s judicious to consume them two to three times a week. Now is the time to plan sardines to caff them on the regale.

3- Lowns

Actually, they don’t always make you want and yet they’re good for our memory.

The liver, the heart, the feathers, the black link are rich in iron, which promotes good oxygenation of the blood towards our brain.

A lack of iron again leads to difficulties in literacy and learning. So before contests and examinations, it’s time to consume offs.

4- Chocolate

It’s excellent for your memory. You’ll no longer need to feel shamefaced when you eat a forecourt.

Indeed chocolate contains B vitamins and polyphenols, a cerebral goad.
In short, it boosts your memory and boosts your morale. In short, you’re happy and you learn more fluently.

5-stiff foods

Potatoes, chuck , pasta, rice, so numerous full foods, which maintain the brain, because they allow you to hold on the day and fill up with energy. You can conclude for whole grains. These carbohydrates give glucose, which allows us to feed our whim-whams cells, largely consuming.

6- Eggs

These are means for our brain. Eggs contain phospholipids, videlicet fats that our brain particularly has. Especially choline which is a neuromediator necessary for our memory and that our brain doesn’t have the capacity to produce. In an omelet, by housing, eggs strengthen our brain, and have a top memory.

7- Coffee

It’s well known. Nothing like a full- bodied coffee to start the day in good foots and wake up. Coffee has this virtue of maintaining awake and stimulating the capacities of our brain, promoting our attention and perceptivity. Be careful, still, not to abuse it, else you’ll be agitated and have pulsations.

8- Strawberries

Fancy strawberries, you aren’t inescapably pregnant! perhaps you just need to strengthen your brain! Indeed, strawberry, blueberry and other red fruits are full of antioxidants that save the youth of our cells. So we abuse it!

9- Oysters

Rich in zinc, iodine and dietetic, oysters combine multiple merits. Ideal as part of a diet, they’re full of trace rudiments necessary for our hippocampus, where our recollections are located. So we do n’t vacillate to eat dozens of oysters to feel good in your head, stretched with a bomb net.

10- Water

Hydrateing is particularly important for boosting our brain. We’re made up of 75 of water, hence the need to maintain good hydration under penalty of atrophy our brain and to have memory loss. Herbal teas, tea, so much to drink water to stay in shape.

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