The 10 most famous athletes in the world

# 10 Phil Mickelson

He’s golfer

It’s veritably little known in France( piecemeal from the big golf suckers)

There remains one of his sport in America and in the world.

The 47- time-old golfer won the 43rd title of his career in March by raising the jewel of the Mexico City. still, he lost 5 place at the» World Fan 100 in 1 time.

9 Stephane Curry

He’s a basketball player.

He’s one of the ten stylish NBA players( National American basketball)

He plays in the” Golden State soldiers” platoon where he has been the leader for a long time.

He lost doubly in the final in 2016 against the Cleveland platoon which includes LeBron James and Kirie Irving( two great NBA players) and in 2019 against Kawie Léonard( another great NBA player of the Toronto platoon).

8 Rafael Nadal

He’s tennis player.

He’s the most notorious 2 nd of his sport with 33 million income and15.5 million followers on Twiter.

26th most followed sportswoman on the Internet and 9th in terms of remuneration.

Rafael Nadal is the first Spanish of the 4 present in the top 100.

7 Kevin during

He’s a basketball player.

He was Stephen Curry’s teammate since he left to play with the Nets of Brooklyn, Kirie Irving’s platoon.

He was in three brigades Oklaoma City Thunder, Golden State soldiers and Nets Brooklyn.

He also has17.5 million followers on Twiter.

still, he’s the 6th athlete from the income point of view.

6 Tiger Woods

He’s a golfer.

He was the stylish of his sport but no longer has the rates to be moment.

It affects 45 million income per time and has6.3 million followers on Twitter.

He gained 4 places in the general bracket compared to last time, he’s the 3rd most paid sportswoman.

5 Roger Federate

He’s tennis player.

He has returned to the stylish of his form in recent months.

He skipped Roland Garos but is presumably the stylish tennis player moment. With 40 million income and12.6 million followers on Twitter.

He’s the stylish paid 5th.

4 Neymar

He’s a footballer.

As a Parisian star, he has not lost his notoriety when leaving Barcelona for PSG. On the negative, he won 2 places compared to last time and remains the 3rd footballer of this top 10.

It has 24 million income and93.5 million followers on Instagram.

He’s the loftiest paid 14th.

3 Lionel Messi

He’s a footballer.

Lionel Messi is ahead of his former Barcelona teammate and the big star of this sport( Le Parisien Neymar) with 25 million income per time and91.7 million followers on Instagram.

The Argentinian keeps the same place on the tribune as in 2017.

He’s the stylish paid 3rd.

2 LeBron James

He’s a basketball player.

He’s the stylish known basketball player in 2020.

He played in 3 different brigades Miami Heat, Cleveland Gentlemen and Los Angeles Lakers.

He has been 1 time NBA champion with the Cleveland platoon.

He’s also the stylish paid 20th in the world.

1 Cristiano Ronaldo

He’s a footballer.

Like every time and without surprise, he remains the stylish footballer and the best known.

He also won the World Cup doubly.

He’s the stylish paid 4th.

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